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In our hotel you can find different types of rooms with different facilities. But all of them is comfortable and makes the perfect relaxation possible to our guests.

There are all together 15 rooms in our familiar hotel, these are the following:

  • 9 pcs 2 beds
  • 3 pcs 3 beds
  • 3 pcs 4 beds - family room

We can provide accommodation for 35 people + 4 spare beds.

Prices are per room and include the VAT, breakfast, the internet usage on the computer that you can find at the reception, the wifi and the usage of the common places. The tourist tax (IFA) shall be paid separately after arrival.

Extra services: room service, mini bar (at booking), half board.

With baby- and family friendly services are waiting our guests to ensure the pleasant stay for the youngest and the eldest.

  • Crib with bed clothes
  • Baby bath
  • Free of charge we are heating and preparing the baby meals
  • Baby discounts (from the price of the food and of the room)
  • Playground if the weather is good
  • Drawing equipments, toys

In our pension you can utilize the following services:

  • Holiday cheque
  • HVG Club discount 10%
  • Hungary Card discount 10%
  • Credit card
  • Vas Népe loyalty card

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If the weather makes it possible (from spring to autumn) we are transporting our guests to the wellness spa with an electronic train, which is free of charge.
Further information on the reception.


Here you can find our packages, among which you will surely find one that fits you! Browse our offers!

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